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Color:Qinggu sweep/The gun was swept black/The gun was swept black
Style:Common to men and women
The product number:TT-020
Material:Zinc alloy
The pendant material:Metal
Whether to import or not:Whether
Whether it belongs to a gift:Whether
Process:Qinggu sweep、
The no:020
Processing customization:Is
Packaging:Independent packaging
Key accessories classification:Keychain


Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 79 $ 1.95
80+ 52.31 % $ 0.93










Avengers Alliance Raytheon Hammer Metal Keychain Captain America Metal Key Pendant Car Key Gift 1

There are questions to be answered:


Why choose a key fot as a gift?

Reply:Because everyone can’t live without the key,Put your brandlogo、Advertising language、QR code Engraved on a key foash or other key accessory,All the time for your brand、The company does publicity。

How to order the company’s key fot gifts?

How to order the company’s key fot gifts?

Reply:Welcome to the map to sample processing customization,Provide design artwork or physical samples for open modeling confirmation and reprocessing customization,Or choose our existing style customization。


Which channel are the main channels for the sale of your existing style keychain gifts??What sales model?


Reply:Division I mainly sell Taobao express sales through Ebay Amazon e-commerce platform,4SShop car gifts,A large number of off-the-shelf supply,The style is complete,Quality assurance,The price is fair。


Your company’s existing styles which are hot products?


Reply:Division I existing hot products Car logo key fodding,Leather car waist hanging key foddle,Personality single key fodding,Ladies fold metal hooks,Car retrofit key fodding,Welcome to inquire!!!


Agent to join your company’s products how to operate it?


Reply:Division I welcome e-commerce platform agents to join,Product packets and physical samples are provided,Substitute products,For more information, please contact customer service!!!


Warm tips:


【About in stock】

Q1:About how many batches,Do you support mixed batches??There is no limit to the amount?What’s the cost of shipping??

All products are available in the minimum starting batch on the site,The amount is unlimited!Mixed batches are supported!Alipay online trading is supported、Bank card remittances are traded offline!We have weight dimensions for every product,The freight system is calculated automatically when you shoot online,There may be a slight error,Please contact customer service in time if you have any questions。


Q2:Whether the product on the shelf is in stock?What if it’s out of stock?


All our goods are sold in stock,The pages show that the babies that can be photographed are all in stock,Please feel free to purchase,Because of the variety of goods,Sales are high every day,Individual goods did not get off the shelves in time to cause out-of-stock situations,Please understand,We will contact you by phone or Wangwang News and handle it properly。


Q3:Whether the product can be selected in style or color


Questions about style and color,Mixing colors is issued by default when stocking,Friends with special requirements can comment on styles or colors(There will be a comment bar to comment on when you shoot,Write the number、Style,Like what:SS0066:Black),We will try our best to help our relatives match up as required,However, it is inevitable that there will be a lack of missing funds,I hope you will be inclusive!Write a comment on the message in large pieces,Small pieces are shipped at random,Color style random hair,You can also write notes,We will try our best to make the goods according to your request,But if there is a missing payment, it will be sent to you at random,Please forgive me!


Q4:I’ve already paid,When can I ship it??How long will it take to receive the goods??

Due to the large daily shipments,that afternoon5The goods taken before the point are shipped on the same day,5Ship the next day after the point,Shipping time will vary depending on distance、The weather and the operating procedures of different courier companies vary,In general,After shipment, Guangdong Province will be arrived the next day,Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai in general1-2It’s heaven,Anhui、Fujian、Shandong、Jiangxi、Beijing、Tianjin in general2-3Days,Other areas3-5Days,Remote areas4-7Days,Out-of-province logistics in general3-7Days!If you haven’t received your baby for more than the corresponding number of days,Please contact our after-sales customer service。(If you encounter the network sales season,Shipments have soared,Express company burst the warehouse and other circumstances caused by courier delays or lost parts and other issues,Please understand,We will deal with it properly)


Q5:What to know about customer receipt

200goods below the yuan,Please check the quantity in person with the transportation company personnel at the time of receipt,If the package is broken、Lack,Please sign the confirmation from the shipping company,We’ll find the shipping company to pay for it。

200more than the goods,Please sign and receive24Let us know within hours of your missing quantity,We will check the quantity with you, And try to help you solve the problem。If you do not count or inform us of the missing quantity in a timely manner,We will treat the quantity as correct。

Other:Because the daily shipment is very large,Each item may be out at any time,Less shipments due to insufficient inventory,We will refund you,or send it together the next time you place an order,However, it is no longer resumed separately。

Wholesale profit,No matter what the reason for the return and exchange(Includes quality issues)The return and exchange postage shall be borne by the buyer。Refunds for returns,Return only does not refund postage。Long-term cooperation with customers,Goods with quality problems,Can be saved to6more than a kilogram,Send private logistics back,Please contact customer service before returning,Private returns will not be accepted。



All products can be customizedlogo,500more than free laserslogo,Below500Please contact customer service for a price,Box custom laserlogo,100starting orders,Bronzing/Hot silverlogo,1000starting orders。

Keychain is a promotional advertising gift,Let consumer customers bring your brand with them every day!

【About the evaluation、Color difference and returns】

One、〓About the evaluation〓:

1.After the transaction is completed,You have the right to evaluate the store,We take your comments very seriously,Strive to get your praise。
2.Ask your friends to rate them objectively after shopping,Don’t make random comments about our store according to your mood、Poor reviews,Any complaints and suggestions during the transaction or upon receipt of the goods,Be sure to contact us by phone or Wangwang first,We will certainly solve it properly,Please rate it after you resolve it,Thank you for your cooperation。
3.If you have any complaints about the goods received,Do not contact the owner for resolution,Give a mid-rating、Poor reviews,are treated as malicious evaluations,Our shop will resolutely complain to the end,to protect their rights and image,Thank you for your understanding!

Two、〓About chrom difference〓:

Our goods are all in kind shooting,However, there are differences in the color of goods taken at different times due to different light,So don’t rule out receiving the goods,There is a little deviation between the physical object and the color of the picture,Please understand this!There is also a liquid crystal display that is brighter than a normal display,The colors should be bright,If you are using an LCD monitor,Please understand this, too!
Three、〓Return and exchange matters〓:
1.I need to return the goods in good order:Merchandise must be guaranteed not to be worn、No damage was caused、Consistent with the time of receipt of the goods、and is calculated for one day from the date of signature,Contact us within three days to return the goods,Thank you for your understanding!!!
2.Returns that do not match the goods:The product does not match the description on the Internet,The access is large,Damage caused by goods in transit(Proof of damage from the courier company is required),Please after receiving the goods3Days,Contact after-sales customer service to explain the problem of the item and return it,Round-trip freight is our responsibility!


【Introduction to keychains、Use and maintenance】

Keychain,Also known as a key buckle,Key ring,Keychain,Key hanging, etc。The material used to make the key fodding is generally metal、Leather、Plastic、wood, etc。This thing is delicate and small、Styling is a daily necessity that people carry with them every day。A key foil is an ornament that hangs on a key ring。Choose a key to match your favorite key foer,Not only can it reflect the mood and personality of the individual,More to show their taste,At the same time to bring themselves a happy mood。Keychains come in a variety of shapes,Like cartoon styling、Brand styling、Simulation models, and so on,The material is generally like copper、Aluminium、Rubber、Plastic and so on,Now mainly zinc alloy surface nickel plating or network and other rust-proof elements。Key fobs have now become a gift。

Zinc alloy characteristics:

1. Relatively significant,Green

2. Casting performance is good,The die-casting shape is complex、Thin-walled precision parts,The casting surface is smooth
3. Surface treatment is available:Electroplating、Spraying、Painting、Polishing、Grinding, etc
4. No iron absorption during melting and die casting,Does not corrode the pressure type,Non-stick mold
5. Has a good at room temperature mechanical properties and wear resistance
6. The melting point is low,In385℃Melting,Easy die-casting

Alloys:Most are nickel plated with zinc alloys,Electroplating,Normal use generally does not lose color。

Alloys are used in the process,Keep as far away from acid-base environments as possible,Otherwise, it is easy to cause discoloration。
Cortique:Avoid scratching sharp objects,If there is cort protection oil can be properly applied。



Additional information






Qinggu sweep, The gun was swept black

Whether IP authorization



Independent packaging

Key accessories classification


Whether it's a gift



Common to men and women

Product number



Zinc alloy



Processing customization


Pendant material



Qinggu broom,

Whether to import





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