About us

We are known for our abilities to find top models for both Finn and international markets.

We all heard sad stories from Wholesalers who are struggling with MOQs, scamming issues, increasing travel costs and shipping costs.

We solved all these problems and more..

With a dedicated team that understands your needs.

• Fashion designers specialized in young men’s wear
• Ready to ship models
• More than a 100 new models daily
• Owned factories in China (no broker or middleman involvement)
• Lowest wholesale minimum order quantities, one dozen per design. Yep that’s right. One dozen!
• Door to door world wide shipping. No muss, no fuss.
• Safe Money transactions.
Best money value in China. Guaranteed!

All that coming to you beneath your fingertips sitting comfortably from your home or office….

We are serving Retailers and all types of wholesalers.
Wither your are a Merchant,
General, Specific, Discount, Drop Shipper or On-line wholesaler….WE GOT YOU.

Live videos for production, inspection and packaging are available for your convenience.


Free delivery

24/7 Support

Payment Process


To help sure your brand keeps its status, fashionable designs are crucial. With the help of our in-house design team, we can make designs for you, modify your original designs or use a design from our collection that can be modified to suit your brand. In addition, our technicians can advise you in what artwork-techniques can be used to achieve the wanted outcome



Our team of Production Managers in Guangzhou, China are experts at taking your ideas and turning them into finished garments.
ShopShopChina Company has an extensive archive of design inspiration to help with development from body styles, fabrics, and embellishment techniques.
It doesn’t end with the custom garment… We also have a library full of trims from zipper pulls, patches, pins, labels, drawcords, hangtags, and more.


ShopShopChina Company has manufactured apparel in China for a long time. In that time we have cultivated and maintained long-term partnerships with hand-selected factories in each of our product categories. Years later. These long term factory partnerships have streamlined and perfected our production process giving us an edge in quality, consistency, and price. The difference from

ShopShopChina Company and other factories in China is we have our Stock Blank Apparel Collection where we make from 50.000 to 80.000 garments per season. The sheer volume of our Stock Production requires a huge infrastructure of Knitting Machines, Dye Houses, and Cut & Sew facilities. Keeping our factories busy all year round ensures us the best prices on our Custom Apparel which we pass along to you.

Our Brands

here are some of the most famous and popular brands that we are dealing with, and exporting such as:

  • Air & Rainbow
  • Ben Steven
  • Ca Goose
  • Club Funny
  • For Him
  • High End
  • Sea Bird
  • True Denim
  • Awesome With Born
  • Underground
  • Black Diamond
  • Crown Grade
  • Dot
  • Fkegger
  • Iuu
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