Production number:GR7128004
color:Gold set(hemp leaves)/Silver suit(hemp leaves)/Rose gold set(hemp leaves)/Gun black suit(hemp leaves)/Golden upper teeth(hemp leaves)/Golden lower teeth/Silver upper teeth(hemp leaves)/Silver lower teeth/Rose gold teeth(hemp leaves)/Rose gold under teeth/The gun is black on the upper teeth(hemp leaves)/The gun is black under the teeth/The gun is black under the teeth
style:It’s common for men and women
Major downstream platforms:Stand-alone station/Sell quickly/wish/Amazon/ebay/ebay
Origin:Yiwu, Zhejiang Province
The product category:other
There are licensed private labels:be
Processing process:electroplate
Mosaic material:Not mosaiced
Whether to export cross-border sources of supply:be
The sales serial number:GR7128004
The number of the goods:GR7128004
Major sales areas:Europe/South america/North America/North America
Health function:other
Process customization:not
wrap:Separate packaging

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.





The company mainly engaged in All kinds of exports of European and American popular jewelry,Hip-hop accessories,hamsa,Accessories,Custom labeling accessories, etc Wholesale and distribution Products are required to search directly at AlibabaGu Meng jewelry factoryCan


Welcome new and old customersCollect our shopoh,Pay attention to our occasional offers and store activities~

We develop new products from time to time,Concerned about Xiao Meng’s relatives can book a new product the first time Oh~

Sincerely recruit agents,Global investment


 Where to become our agent,A small number of shipments are supported

 Provides handled professional watermark-free photos。For more information, please contact online customer service。


Our products are physical shooting,We will keep the original picture,Please take care of yourself as the thief,Violators must be investigated!


Hip-hop maple leaf 24K gold brace Halloween teethgrillsrapper fashion hip-hop accessories 1

Hip-hop maple leaf 24K gold brace Halloween teethgrillsrapper fashion hip-hop accessories 2
Hip-hop maple leaf 24K gold brace Halloween teethgrillsrapper fashion hip-hop accessories 3
  This season’s explosion,To grab is to earn!!!
  Hip-hop maple leaf 24K gold brace Halloween teethgrillsrapper fashion hip-hop accessories 4
    Hip-hop maple leaf 24K gold brace Halloween teethgrillsrapper fashion hip-hop accessories 5
         Classic hot gem set
Hip-hop maple leaf 24K gold brace Halloween teethgrillsrapper fashion hip-hop accessories 6
        miniSmall gem pendant
    Hip-hop maple leaf 24K gold brace Halloween teethgrillsrapper fashion hip-hop accessories 7
          Hot big gem ring
Hip-hop maple leaf 24K gold brace Halloween teethgrillsrapper fashion hip-hop accessories 8
      Hip-hop maple leaf 24K gold brace Halloween teethgrillsrapper fashion hip-hop accessories 9
            Hot single-row bracelets
      Hip-hop maple leaf 24K gold brace Halloween teethgrillsrapper fashion hip-hop accessories 10
Hip-hop maple leaf 24K gold brace Halloween teethgrillsrapper fashion hip-hop accessories 11






A large golden tooth can be oneGANGSTERproperty You can’t be poor again
Maybe it is thug life There is too much uncertainty
You can’t rest assured that a family property is there It’s only safe in the mouth


The last century80age I’ve been struggling for most of my life Part of the poor guy who sings rapNIGGA
got out of the head Leaping into the earth
They turned a large golden tooth into an iconic jewel


How to be one GANGSTER guide
1:You need onebling blingBig golden teeth
2:Remove the use level to fix the edible wax and adjust the position on the golden teeth
3:Soak in warm water at seventy degrees to be transparent
4:Remove and bite1Wait a minute for the cooling
5:You’re already oneGANGSTERfinish 


This product department retails,Support wholesale volume,Many stars from overseas Europe and the United States wear it,Paul Wall T-Pain nelly liljon MileyCyrus Lil Wayne Rihanna Tyga Wiz Khalifa Birdman Chris Brown 


Wait and so on many stars love,Come on!Come and join the Boomers!

 teeth grills (2)



The name of the product:Hip-hop braces(adopt24KIt’s really gold plating)
Material:Eco-friendly copper gold plated Serves a fixed level of wax
size: Universal size(5cm*1.5cm,about5g)
disposition:Braces Fix the wax Instructions Bags















*Gift box matching is for informational purposes only,If needed, you can consult customer service。










1.Focus on hip-hop accessories10For the rest of the year,Factory direct sales,Stock supply,48hourly delivery。


2.The quality is stable and reliable,In line with international environmental standards,The product style is complete,Develop new products every month,Quality at the same time to ensure that the style to keep up with the trend。


3.Support to map to sample the custom,A follow-up,Ship on schedule,Customize additional quotes,Large quantities from excellent。


4.Apply to become an agent,Watermark-free pictures are available free of charge,and give priority to sending new images。






Gu Meng jewelry factorySGScertificate:

Gu Meng jewelry factory honorary certificate:

IMG_4345 copy



















Online answers to frequently asked questions



issue:What is a mixed batch?
Reply:Mixed batch refers to the type and style of the product,Buyers only need to purchase the total price(or the total amount)Reached or higher than the set amount(or quantity)You can enjoy wholesale prices。


issue:Can the price be cheap??
Reply:All prices on the website are wholesale,We also set three prices based on the quantity ordered by the relatives,Reach what quantity to what price;

         Our shop guarantees a penny of price and a penny of goods Oh~


issue:Is the goods in stock??
Reply:The corresponding color or size you want on the shelf,Everything that can be photographed is in stock. If encountered out of stock or off the shelf,It is recommended that you consult!Because some quantities are not up-to-date。


issue:When to ship after payment?
Reply:That day16:30before payment,All goods in stock,issued on the same day。16:30Then make an order,All will be after payment48sent within an hour,Try to send it out on the same day~

       (If encountered during an activity,The order volume is large,Shipping times are subject to adjustment,Announcements are usually made,For more information, please contact customer service,Shipping is scheduled without special circumstances)

         We will make every effort to ensure the stability of the supply,As the saying goes, it’s good:“There are unpredictable clouds in the sky”, Because after all, it’s wholesale,The volume of traffic is very large every day,And dare not100%Make sure you have it when you dispense it,But we promise if there is one out of stock,We will notify you as soon as about it,Get your consent,processing。For unstocked products that do not update product information in a timely manner,We will notify the customer as soon as possible~


issue:Is the color of the product accurate??Is there a big color difference??
Reply:due to the light,Shooting angle, etc,Each display is different,Online shopping color difference can not be avoided,We’ve tried to shoot close to the physical,Please understand,All pictures,All of them100%Physical shooting!


issue:Baby details?
Reply:Each corresponding baby is described in detail,color,Size, etc. have been commented on,Encountered without details,You can consult first,Before you buy,Please be sure to enjoy you“The right to know”,Learn about the product!Because there is no choice of color,You can make your comments clear when you take a picture。


issue:Send what courier?Pack the mail??


(1)One、The company’s cooperative courier company: Yunda Express;

        Two、In remote parts of the mainlandEMS;

        Three、Taiwan and Hong Kong Send Shunfeng Express,The shipping charges are the same as the shipping charges for delivery and delivery;

(2) kiss,No mail(Except for official events and store offers)。


issue:I’ve taken a lot of pictures of the goods,How to inform the need to change the price and postage?
Reply:It is highly recommended that you use your shopping cart to purchase separately,No modification is required,In cases where you have shot separately,You can contact Wangwang or leave a message to help you modify the postage。A collection address at the same time to buy more than one item on the charge of a postage Oh~

*Sign-off instructions:When you receive the package,Please don’t rush to sign the receipt,Please be sure to open the on-the-spot inspection in front of the courier,If the baby has damage or lack of quantity please be sure to refuse!And contact the shop on the spot(There is a contact number on the courier list)。Once signed, you acknowledge the quantity and integrity of the item,Palm cabinets will not be able to claim from couriers for buyers!Please also forgive the store will no longer assume that the contents of the goods do not match、Damage caused by lack or damage!Please contact us if you have any questions after receiving the item!The palm cabinet solves the problem with the buyer。Let the buyer be 100% satisfied!At last,I wish the buyers a pleasant shopping trip in this shop!


issue:What else is the return and exchange policy??


One.The following conditions can be returned and exchanged

1. The goods are damaged,Send the wrong goods(color,style),Leaky hair,Large stains,Very serious bad and so on caused by the unsellable,You can apply for a return and exchange,When requesting a return and exchange,Be sure to take a picture and contact our customer service staff for negotiation,It has been determined that it is indeed a quality problem,The shipping costs incurred shall be borne by our Company。Division I refused to receive the payment,Please help us advance the shipping charges first,The fees incurred will be made directly by Alipay,direct Call your designated Alipay account。(concentrate:If you do not contact us and return directly,We will not accept it)


Two.The following conditions will not be returned for exchange

1. Occasionally there are small scratches,Small defects and other problems that do not affect sales are not quality problems,Customers who mind such situations should be careful~ All jewelry factories can’t avoid such problems,There is no 100% perfect product~

3.Man-made defects,Product chromical difference,Logistics is slow,Logistics company service attitude is not good。

4.The question of the buyer’s subjective judgment(as:dislike,It’s not what I thought it would be,It’s not like the others,The material is not in line with the imagination,I don’t feel good,It doesn’t look like it’s graded)

5. There is a difference in the color of the before and after shipments,Because each batch is different,It’s hard to guarantee that the color of the product will be exactly the same as the batch。

6.I don’t want to sell it,It’s not good to sell,Can’t sell,He was caught by the city management,Can’t sell and wait。



     All after-sales issues must be received within three days of receipt(The time of receipt of the goods received shall prevail)Please contact our customer service staff in a timely manner,Please provide your shopping order number when requesting after-sales,An order is processed only once after-sales,Please be sure to check the quantity carefully after receiving the goods,style,color,specification,quality,Do not work with malicious mid-worst review customers again,Thank you。

    The shop has been to“Operating with integrity”Basic principles for the development of the company,It is our responsibility that we will not shirk a point,But it is not our responsibility,Nor will we compromise for a variety of reasons。No rules are not square,Each store has different store rules,It’s like everyone has different shopping needs。We develop as a company,Continuous learning to develop relative processes and systems is also to better serve everyone,What we seek is win-win cooperation。Now we salute and then we soldier,Don’t buy and sell strongly;If you like us,Then please pay more attention,We all start a business together to get rich。If you think we’re out of sight,Then close your eyes and rest,We will certainly not disturb you。

     At last,I wish all business friends a prosperous business,The money is rolling in!




Additional information

Health features



Yiwu, Zhejiang Province








Gold Set (Hemp Leaf), Gold upper teeth (hemp leaves), Golden lower teeth, Gun Black Set (Hemp Leaf), Gun black upper teeth (hemp leaves), Rose Gold Set (Hemp Leaf), Rose gold under teeth, Rose gold upper teeth (hemp leaves), Silver lower teeth, Silver set (hemp leaf), Silver upper teeth (hemp leaves), The gun is black under the teeth

Product categories



Separate packaging

Major downstream platforms


There are licensed private labels


Sales serial number


Mosaic material

Not mosaiced







Process customization


Whether cross-border export sources


Main sales areas

Europe/South America/North America

Production number



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